Rapid office growth requires 

on-the-ball cleaning efficiency

A client of ours experienced unprecedented, rapid growth, requiring a move into new office premises which were refurbished to their exacting requirements, embracing bespoke interior design and state-of-the-art tech. 

The new premises comprise of self-contained, Grade A office suites housing a total of eighty workstations over three storeys. The 1,300 sq. ft. (105 sq. m) suite is accessed through an impressive reception area which houses up to 60 staff, plus visitors, and is subject to constant high traffic. 


Letting your premises shine

Daily contract cleaning followed a series of 'after-builder' cleans post refurbishment, when the premises required deep cleans to bring out the best of the new premises. Office life, being in one place for so many hours, draws attention to dust, spills, smears and poor hygiene. In a typically eight-hour day, people have more time to notice every detail in an office. Both staff and visitors not only expect their work environment to be clean, but attention to detail is important to the business' image in terms of first impressions and to display emphasis on quality and high standards.


High gloss finishes - no problem

The premises posed multiple challenges to maintain the pristine look of the high end fixtures and fittings. The interior design incorporates high polished finishes, including marble, which demands skilled buffing on a regular basis, and wood. In addition, the high specification showers, washbasins, toilets, plus multiple kitchens and entertaining spaces all comprising a large amount of glass, in doors and partitions, require regular attention.


Covering all your cleaning needs

High level cleaning is implemented weekly for recessed lighting, air conditioning units, metal suspended ceiling tiles and compartment trunking, all of which are magnets for dust. Expensive and sensitive printers, screens, scanners and phones on desks, all require the utmost of care. These factors, in addition to the need to clean the exterior (windows and frontage), combine to require a specialist cleaning contractor with experience in managing all of the regular cleaning, on a daily basis, and deep cleaning as the need arises.


Security comes as standard

Security was also a factor when hiring cleaners to work out-of-office hours. Access to confidential documents and plans required operatives who can be trusted with sensitive information and keys to working areas. Two Fluid operatives clean the premises outside of office hours on a daily basis. Fluid’s directly employed cleaners are CRB checked and are able to provide a secure and stable service which is co-ordinated by the Office Manager.


Office cleaning has always been a mainstay of our business and we have earned our stripes in this sector by providing reliable and efficient cleaning solutions for more than twenty years. We aim to make sure that when we clean office premises, we will pre-empt the concerns of insurers and inspectors, as well as making sure the inhabitants of your property experience a healthy environment.

Alister Gregson, Managing Director, Fluid Hygiene


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