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Fluid Hygiene offers a reliable and professional contract cleaning service for all commercial premises. Our reputation, built on over 25 years of successful trading, is based on providing dependable and effective contract cleaning with a level of customer service that surpasses the competition.   

Fluid Hygiene Contract Cleaning for a Variety of Businesses

Our Unrivalled Cleaning Knowledge

At Fluid Hygiene, we are familiar with all the latest contract cleaning regulations and innovations, keeping up to date with current working practices through our corporate membership of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSC).  With our dedication to understanding health and safety regulations and the industry requirements for contract cleaning services, we are able to provide the appropriate solutions at a reasonable cost. 

Fluid provide daily contract cleaning services in London for offices, theatres and cinemas, established multi-site bars, restaurants and up-and-coming hospitality businesses.

Tailored Services for a Best Value Solution

In the contract cleaning market, value for money is of paramount importance. When you choose Fluid Hygiene as your contract cleaners, your requirements will be assessed on an individual basis to create a contract cleaning package that is tailored for your business, providing optimal service and value.  Our experience encompasses a wide range of buildings and businesses, including offices, retail space, leisure centres, theatres, bars and restaurants and more.  Whether you need one cleaner or a large scale, highly motivated contract cleaning team, we can allocate the most efficient and cost-effective option for you.  

Some of our contract cleaning clients around the country


Scheduling planned maintenance or deep cleaning in advance means you save time and money. Once you book your first clean we will recommend a time-scale for your next clean. Find out more about our Planned Maintenance service.

Contract Cleaning Case Studies

Have a look at our Contract Cleaning Case Studies for an in depth look at the contract cleaning services we supply. 



How to Choose a Good Contract Cleaning Company


For an initial consultation and a competitive quote, call Fluid Hygiene today on 0800 9752828.

A lot of people choose contract cleaners by price alone.  I look for value for money and effective cleaning.  That's why I choose Fluid.

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