COVID-19 Antiviral Fogging

Specialist Antiviral fogging service offers immediate protection

Our professional fogging service offers immediate protection from Coronavirus & bacteria by coating all surfaces with a protective layer of solution.

Our qualified team of operatives will ensure your site is safe and ready to use in just 30 minutes after fogging.

Using state of the art fogging equipment, this service delivers an ultra-fine mist of sanitising solution to temporarily saturate all difficult-to-reach areas in your premises. These cleaning chemicals are specifically formulated and proven to fight against viruses such as Coronavirus, Norovirus, e-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, H1N1 Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.

Anti-viral fogging is carried out by our team of fully trained operatives using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and our laboratory tested, food safe, non-toxic antiviral cleaning agent. The service is quick and non-intrusive and sites are ready for re-occupation within just 30 minutes. Post fogging you will receive cleaning certification for environmental health or insurance purposes.

We deliver anti-viral fogging to offices, restaurants, pubs, schools, public transport, company vehicles, sports halls and most retail and commercial spaces.

  • Immediate virus control
  • Food safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Trained personnel
  • 24/7 service


Whether you are dealing with an emergency break out, a back to business clean, or regular preventative measure, we can develop an effective cleaning solution for you. Our emergency antiviral cleaning service is available to all.  

All part of the service:


  • Latest equipment and machinery
  • Anti-viral cleaning to help fight COVID-19, Norovirus, Hepatitis C and H1N1 Influenza.   
  • After clean swab testing – Not just visibly clean but proven clean
  • Cleaning Certificates


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