Why Fluid?

When you work with us, our 24-hour client helpdesk is the first point of contact for your site managers. We aim to answer all email queries within 30 minutes and 95 per cent of customer queries are resolved this way.  We believe that no other cleaning company can match this level of support.

Fluid Hygiene Make it Positively Clean

Why clients like Fluid?

  • Responsive
  • Reliable
  • Communication – 24hrs a day, response within minutes
  • Contactabilty
  • Local contracts managers close to you, supported by experienced regional managers

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Our Process

Fluid Hygiene will provide you with all the assessment, auditing and consultation services you need to carry out your statutory responsibilities. These include: 

  • Full hygiene risk assessment
  • Benchmarking against the required standards
  • Inspection of relevant equipment to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Advice and guidance on necessary measures to rectify any problems
  • Implementation of any remedial actions required 
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Further risk assessments as recommended (at least once every two years)

The Fluid VPS System

Our commitment to quality control has led to the development of our VPS system (Visibly, Protectively, Safely).  This is used to benchmark all of our work. 

Visibly Clean

 - Weekly checklist system ensures consistent level of service.
 - 24-hour helpdesk support keeps you in touch with job-related progress.
 - Smart uniformed operatives maintain a professional presentation

Protectively Clean

 - Ecologically friendly cleaning products protect the wellbeing of our operatives, your customers/employees and the environment.
 - Wide usage of ph7 (neutral) chemicals for both environmental and health protection.

For an initial consultation and a competitive quote, contact us today on 0800 9752828


Safely Clean

 - Our training school keeps our teams fully informed of the latest compliance and health & safety issues.
 - Expert knowledge of industry issues helps us to provide a safe working environment for us and you.
 - Continuous health & safety checks and thorough risk assessments ensure that statutory obligations are always adhered to.