Our Locations

Fluid has 1200 employees and cleans 930 sites every day. With teams based in London and the South East, Bristol and the South West, Birmingham and Central England, Manchester and the North, and in Scotland and Wales, Fluid can provide nationwide cleaners for our clients.

Nationwide Cleaners - Specialists in Multi-Site Chains

Whether you require cleaning services for multi-site or single site locations, Fluid can provide nationwide cleaners to meet your requirements. As specialist suppliers of nationwide cleaning services to the hospitality and entertainment industry for over 20 years, Fluid can supply the exact level of service you need, ensuring you get the very best value for your budget.

Our highly effective recruitment, training and audit procedures allow us to select and invest in the very best people, ensuring not only your statutory responsibilities are met, but that your customer expectations are exceeded.

Regional Teams for Nationwide Service Delivery

Fluid operates across the UK, with regional management and contracts managers situated around the country.

Our regional team locations:

  • London and the South East
  • Bristol and the South West
  • Birmingham and Central England
  • Manchester and the North
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Some of Our clients around the country

Find out more about our Specialist Cleaning or Commercial Cleaning Services in London and the South East.

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